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How Could I Refuse

Katie and I have been ‘fuck-buddies’ for over a year now. We were introduced by friends at a party, and after a ‘one night stand’ that night she called me the next day. She said how great the sex was, and asked if I’d be interested in a ‘casual arrangement’. So it began…  We have hooked up about once a week or so, since then. I’ve always worn a condom, except for the odd occasions she was near period end and we’d risk bareback sex. Even then I still pull out to cum onto her hairy pubic mound - to be safe.

It started off purely as a means of convenient mutual sexual release for us, but as time went by things changed. No longer just ”Wham Bam, Thankyou Maam” encounters, there was now far more petting and kissing before and during coupling. I have even slept with her overnight of late. In spite of this growing affection between us, I was still surprised at what she asked me to consider as I left her apartment last week. “Just promise me you’ll think about it.” she said as I left. “I will Katie, I will.” I assured her.  I have had a whole week to think about her request, but I don’t know if I can do it. To be totally sexually intimate with her. To fuck her bareback and to cum in her. She says it is about an ultimate intimacy experience with me, but I sense she wants my seed as well. I am torn on the matter because my lustful attraction to her wants to ‘knock her up’, but my head says “get a grip”.

So here I am today a week later, in her apartment in the mid afternoon. Katie is on her back, and I have her legs held back and my erect bareback cock sliding in and out of her very wet pussy. I have agreed to fuck her bareback, but that’s all. I fully intend to pull out and blast my cum-load onto her minge. She says she understands. Oh God! Pumping Katie’s cosy and wet pussy bare, feeling her every bit inside, is really making my cock tense hard. She is staring with her beautiful eyes into mine, biting her lip. I am transfixed in her loving stare. Our eyes stay locked as I pick up the pace. She is making those hot little whimpers as she cums a little on me. As I begin grunting close to my orgasm, Katie opens her eyes wide in stare to mine, and nods her head in a silent plead. Every part of my body wants to cum in her right now - to inseminate her - to mark her as mine. How could I refuse my own basal desires? I cannot.

My cock throbs deep in her, my balls heave, and in moments I am ejaculating thick spurts of my semen repeatedly into her. My twitching cock keeps ejaculating as her pussy grips me in the waves of her own responding orgasm. As finally our orgasms subside, I fall forward onto Katie still inside her, and kiss her hard. Her legs wrap around my thighs and her fingers dig into my ass in a post-coital embrace. In that moment our relationship transformed.



The first thing that caught her attention was that his car was sitting in the garage when she came home to pick up the box she forgot that morning.

The next thing was the sounds of their shower running in the middle of the day.

Before she could jump to any conclusions, she walked into the master bedroom and heard her favorite heels clicking on the floor as she walked out of the closet.  When their adopted daughter pulled the tiny t-shirt down to cover her bare pussy as they looked at each other, it all made sense.

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