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"Oh Laura, I’m going crazy!  I need to, um, you know, um, so bad!"

"Celeste, I’d be happy to help you, but you were the one who said you weren’t a "lesbo" so we could only play around with your panties on, not touch your pussy."

"Yeah, um, I know, and I’m not a lesbo, um, b-b-but, oh shit, maybe, um, j-j-just this once, um, you could, um, you know, um, help me out."

"hmmm, "i know?", "help you out?" huh?" Laura responded with a mischievous grin, "I don’t want to cross any boundaries you are uncomfortable with.  Can you be a little more clear?"

"I just mean, oh fuck, mmmm, I ah, oh…oh…Oh for fucks sake Laura!  Do it!  Touch my clit!  Finger fuck me!  Just make me cum!  Please!"

Laura grinned, and dove in, making her “straight” friend cum hard all over her skilled fingers…

I so want to do this to my girlfreind

(Source: the-marquis-loves-the-countess)

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